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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

2b Have a go

2b Have a go
I like the dog.
You like the dog.
You and I like the dog.
I like trees.
You like trees.
You and I like trees.
You want toys.
I want toys.
You and I want toys.
You like Peter.
I like Peter.
We like Peter.
I like Jane. We like Jane.
Here are shops.
We like shops.
We like toy shops.
You can fish.
I can fish.
We can fish.
You want fun
I want fun
This is fun.
This is Pat.
I like Pat.
Pat likes fun.
We like this dog.
Here is some water.
I like the water.
Here is Peter and here is Jane.
Here you are, Jane and Peter.
Here is some water.
Look in the water.
You are in the water.
Here in Peter.
He likes water.
He has the dog.
The dog is in the water.
He likes it.
Jane has a ball.
It is for pat.
Pat is here.
He wants the balls.
Here is a tree.
Pat looks into the tree.
He looks for Peter and Jane.
They are in the tree.
Look here, says Jane.
Look here, Peter.
Come and look.
Peter comes, and they look.
Here are some sweets.
Some are for Peter and some are for Jane.
They have some sweets.
They like sweets.
Peter wants to jump and Pat wants to jump.
They jump for fun.
Can you jump this? says Peter to Jane.
Yes, says Jane.
Yes, I can jump this.
I want to jump.
Look, Peter, look.
I can jump this.
Peter and Jane go to the shop.
They go into the shop for some fish.
Peter has the dog, and Jane has the fish.
The fish go into the water.
Into the water they go.
Pat wants the fish.
No, Pat, no, says Peter.
No, no, no, says Jane to the dog.
Peter and Jane have fun.
Here comes Peter.
Here comes Jane.
Here they come.
We like this, they say.
Have a go, says Jane to Peter.
Yes, says Peter.
He has a go.
You have a go, says Peter to Jane.
Jane has a go.
Have some, say Jane to Peter.
Yes, says Peter.
You have some, Jane, says Peter.
Yes, I like it, Jane says.
Here they go.
Jane wants to go home.
Peter wants to go home and the dog wants to go home.
Yes, we want to go home, they say.

New words:
You, want, we, are, can, fish, fun, this, Pat, some, water, look, he, it, for, into, they, says,  come, sweets, have, to, jump, yes, go, no, home

2a We have fun

2a We have fun
Here is Peter and here is Jane.
Here is Pat, the dog.
Here they are in the water.
They like the water.
Pat likes the water
Pat likes fun
Come in, Pat.
It is fun.
It is fun in the water.
Come in the water.
Come, come, come.
Pat come in.
Pat likes the water.
It is fun in the water, says Peter.
I have a ball, says Peter.
Here is the ball.
Here is the ball, Pat, he says.
Look, look, says Jane.
Look, Peter, look.
Have a look.
Come and look.
Peter has a look.
Peter looks.
A fish, says Jane.
It is a fish, says Peter.
It is a fish, he says.
Look, says Peter
The dog wants the fish.
He wants the fish, Jane.
Pat wants the fish.
No, no, no, says Jane, you come here.
Come here, Pat, come here.
No, no, no.
Here are Peter and Jane.
Peter has some water.
Here you are, Jane, he says.
Here you are, Jane, says Peter.
Here you are.
This is for you.
Here is some water for you.
This is for you, Jane says.
Here is some water for you.
Here you are, Peter.
It is for you.
Look Jane, I can jump, says Peter.
I can jump in the water.
Can you jump like this, Jane?
Jane can jump and Peter can jump.
They jump into the water for fun.
We like this, they say.
Jump this, Pat, jump this, says Peter.
Jump in the water.
You can jump.
Pat jumps into the water.
Pat jumps.
He jumps into the water.
He likes to jump.
It is fun, says Jane, we like this.
We have to go, says Peter.
Come, Jane.
Come, he says.
We have to go.
We have to go, pat, says Jane.
Come, Pat, come.
Yes, says Peter, we have to go.
Can we have some sweets? says Jane.
Can we go to the shop for some sweets.
Yes, says Peter.
This is the shop, Jane.
Yes, this is it.
They have sweets and toys.
We want sweets, says Jane.
Peter and Jane go into the sweet shop.
Pat is in the shop.
Jane and Peter have some sweets.
Pat has a sweet.
I want to go home, says Jane.
Yes, I want to go home, says Peter.
Come, Pat, come.
We want to go home.
Here we are, says Jane.
We are home.
It is fun in the water.
Yes, says Peter, we have fun in the water.

New words:
Pat, they are, water, fun, come, it, says, have, he, look, fish, wants, no, you, some, for, this, can, jump, into, we, to, go, yes, sweets, home

Thursday, 8 December 2011

1b Look at this

Jane and Peter.
Peter and Jane.
I like Peter and Jane.
Jane likes Peter and Peter likes Jane.
Peter and Jane like the dog.
I like the dog.
Peter likes trees and Jane likes trees.
A shop.
I like shop.
Jane is in a shop and Peter is in a shop.
Here is a ball in a shop.
Jane likes the ball.
Jane has the dog and Jane has the ball.
The dog has the ball.
The dog likes the ball.
Jane has a shop.
Here is Jane’s shop.
The shop has toys.
Jane’s shop is a toy shop.
Here is a toy dog in Jane’s shop.
Here is a tree in Jane’s shop.
Peter is in Jane’s shop.
The dog is in the shop.
Here is Peter and here is Jane.
Here is a tree.
Peter and Jane like the tree.
The dog is here.
Jane likes toy and Peter likes toys.
The toy dog is in the tree.
The ball is in the tree.
The dog has a toy.
The dog likes toy.
I like the tree.
I like toys.
Here is Peter’s toy and here is Jane’s toy.
Jane likes the toy and Peter likes the toys.

New words:
Jane and Peter, I like, the dog, trees, a shop, is, in, here, ball, has, toys